Families in Riverview, Lord Roberts, Osborne Village, River Heights, Crescentwood, McMillan, Earl Grey, Rockwood, Corydon and Wolseley areas:
I’d love to discuss spending that extra time with your child!
If this is something you are looking for as well, please read on:
*As your child’s caregiver, my goal is to provide them with a safe, supportive, inclusive and loving environment where each child feels listened to and is treated with respect and understanding.
* I am committed to engaging the imagination of children in my care and to making a positive difference in their lives.
* When I am working for you, your child’s safety is first and foremost.
*You are hiring me so you can have a break or do what you need to do! You can depend on me to be reliable, on time and organized.
*It is my aim to meet or exceed the terms of our working relationship by providing outstanding care, keeping in touch with you while I’m on duty and respect your own wishes and style of child-rearing.
* Involved in childcare for 14 years with children all ages from 6 months to school-aged.
* Worked the last 7 years as a full-time nanny in long term positions both in-home and as a travel nanny.
* Lovingly volunteered in the playroom at Health Sciences Children’s Hospital with health-challenged children, aged 0 to 5-years-old.
* worked 4 years in the marketing/customer service industry dealing with the public.
* I am a childcare expert so whether this is casual “babysitting” or regular part-time, it is my aim to deliver care to you at a professional level.
* I enjoy including fun, educational activities to your child’s day including baking and icing fun holiday treats, helping them cook simple snacks, playing number games, quietly reading books for hours, having them sing with me and my ukulele or creating awesome art projects with found objects. All activities are geared to what is developmentally appropriate for your child.
* High energy children are welcomed. I am presently working towards my personal training designation and love anything from pulling them on their toboggan to joining them on the play structure to running around in a fun game of tag.
* Sad, angry or moody moments do not faze me. These are normal glitches in the day that I handle with calm, diplomacy, a ton of patience and a whole lot of experience.
* I like to clean up any “messes” we might make before you get home. Your children are my prime responsibility but if there is a naptime, I am happy to declutter a corner, sweep up a floor or throw out scary things in your fridge for you.
* Cooking and baking are one of my passions. If you provide me with the ingredients, I am happy to have a batch of cookies or a hot meal waiting for you.
* I quickly form natural connections with children because they sense that I am genuinely interested and love hanging out with them.
I am happy to provide you with the contacts for satisfied families I have worked with.
If you are looking for a mature, energetic caregiver who loves what she does, I will be looking forward to hearing from you! Message me!

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