24/7 on Call worker/ skilled labourer/ driver

Hello, my name is Myles. If you are looking for anything, call me to see what we can work out. I’m a skilled labourer as well as an experienced individual with a large support network. I’m looking to supplement my income by providing low cost jobs comparable to paying standard wages. If you can essentially pay me a worthy wage for a contract when we agree on a deal I’ll happily accept the work, because I have to feed my kids, and I’m also running my own company.
* Fall Clean up
* I’m scheduling spring cleanups now!
* compound and property asset management
* lawn care including cutting, aerating, clean cut trimming as well as nitrogen fertilizer application
* residential, commercial, and industrial experience in construction and building
* extensive time spent working with stone, and clay brick of both decorative and structural installation.
* own my vehicle (sedan 4 door) and currently class 5 and in training for class 1 and Air
* I am adept at driving with towed trailer attachments as well
* I charge deployment cost mileage as the distance to the site at $0.40/km that must be mutually accepted prior to agreement. (Email format is acceptable as a commitment for intention to provide work) ex, 15km drive = $6 mileage deployment, to cover operating costs of the vehicle and license and to cover gas and this gets me from job to job?
* I deliver small parcels at a mileage rate of $0.60/km
up to 100km
* I drive to destinations at a mileage rate of $0.80/km up to 1,000km. Half upfront and half on delivery.
* Need a shoveler? I can dig both pits and push snow, whichever you need at the time.
* Need a general labourer?
* Need an extra hand with an odd job or project?
* Need temporary farm help?
* I’m your man.
* And so much more!
Contact me for more information.
If you’re interested in supporting my GOFundMe to advance my company,

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