Seeking Music Video Assistant

I am planning on creating my first music video . Though by necessity a low budget project, my goal is to make a high-quality music video. In that connection, I require an assistant, a “jack of all trades.” to assist me. I will provide detailed information to serious candidates. Briefly , the project is based on a foreign song with a strong feminist message. I have written English lyrics for the song, and have recruited a female vocalist who has both a good singing voice and training in acting and dancing. The projected length of the music video is approximately four minutes.
The skills I am looking for are:
1. Serving as videographer and film editor, including having access to HD quality equipment
2. Assist in developing the instrumental interpretation of the melody, including determining if this should be performed by an instrumental band or created electronically, such as with an electronic keyboard
3. Assist in directing vocalist talent
4. Provide creative ideas and input for maximum effect, which may include the assistant having a complementary talent role in the music video
Timeframe is flexible, and due consideration will be exercised in the manner the project is created in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. As noted above , the music video will convey a strong feminist message, so it is essential that the assistant can empathize with the cause of feminism and anti-misogyny.
If you have an interest, please contact me at; include your financial requirements, and relevant background information, and video attachments that reflect your experience

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