Policy Analyst

The Employment Standards Branch provides the public with information regarding Employment Standards issues such as unpaid wages, vacation wages and termination of employment. The Policy Analyst is responsible for the research, planning, policy analysis/development, and political correspondences.  To be considered for this competition you must submit an application form. See below for further instructions.

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Reporting to the Executive Director, the Policy Analyst is responsible for strategically integrating government and Branch priorities to achieve objectives for reform, ensuring that Employment Standards’ programs and policies align with the whole-of-government approach. The Policy Analyst seeks innovative and collaborative opportunities to ensure consistent, coordinated and measurable outcomes.

The Policy Analyst takes the lead role in all legislative/regulatory and policy developments, including the development of legislative proposals, undertaking research and analysis to support legislative/regulatory and policy initiatives and the preparation of all documentation related to these changes. The position is responsible for reviewing and evaluating a variety of programs, services and policies, and undertaking assignments of considerable importance in the development of policy and its implementation, within two operating branches (Employment Standards and the Worker Advisor Office). The position also provides high-level advice and guidance, both oral and written, on the policy implications of any such legislative/regulatory and policy initiatives. This includes undertaking sophisticated analysis, planning and research for the Branch to support statutory, regulatory and policy initiatives, and coordinating public and stakeholder consultations. The position is also responsible for the overall evaluation and review of any legislative/regulatory and policy related changes that have occurred .

To be considered for this competition you must submit an application form .  Complete the application form at the link below or contact Human Resource Services under “Apply to” to request a copy of the application form.  The selection board will rely only on information provided in this form to determine whether a candidate will be invited for further assessment.  Note: You are not required to submit a cover letter, but may be asked to submit a resume, references, or other documentation at a later point if invited for further consideration. 

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