Farm Worker

I’m a French who has a long-standing project, more or less 10 years, to come to Canada to work there. I currently have an open work permit (Permis Vacances Travail / Working Holiday Visa) which allows me to stay and work legally for 2 years in Canada. After several searches I would like to come to Manitoba !
Passionate about agriculture, a field in which I have moreover carried out my studies and all my professional experiences, I’m looking for a job on a grain farm where I can work in a French-speaking environment . This experience in a bilingual environment would allow me to settle down with more serenity by using my native language but also at the same time to improve my English. This project would be for the beginning of 2021. I’m a serious and motivated person. Passionate about what I do, i work hard, I love to learn new things and improve my skills.
Several experiences on dairy and grain farms, currently technician and salesman specializing in field crops for an agricultural cooperative. I miss work on a farm, I spend a large part of my free time (weekends, holidays …) working on dairy farms but mainly on the fields, to operate tractors.
Available on Skype, don’t hesitate to contact me

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