Looking for health care aide/housekeeping

By | October 8, 2018

Looking for health care aide/housekeeping Hi. I’m looking for health care aide and house keeping per visit takes 2. 75 – 4 hours Monday to Friday. Start 12 pm with flexible hours. Training rate start $13 and will go up afterwards. Tasks are very basic, sweeping the floor, empty the bin, tidy up the room, wash dishes and prepare meal. No experience are welcome. I’m a man with physical limitation and bizarre sense of humor. I’m a chatty person and would like someone who can keep up with the conversation. I like Chinese food very much and if you can cook that would be great and a bonus will be given. I liked handshake and it’s a mutual respect. I have a friendly smile and my staff thinks I’m easygoing. I prefer my workplace to be a light and fun atmosphere instead of strict and pressure. I would like to work with someone who’s positive energetic, cheerful, sense of humor, well manner and patient. Understanding and flexible with minor request like run an errand. I prefer that you have reliable transportation such as your own vehicle or bus. I go down town to shop for Halloween if you could bus with me I’ll take you. If interested submit your resume and telephone. Tell me great things about you!!! Why should I hire you instead of the rest of the candidates?